Safety You
Can See

Virtual validation of human vision,
with unimaginable accuracy and speed.

Industry Insight With
Passion For Saving

Ocular3D has evolved immersive gaming technology into a powerful CAE validation platform to quantify field of view (eyes, sensors, cameras) with mathematical precision like never before.

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We see the impossible demands design & engineering teams must meet every day

Stay Safe

Complete vision compliance reports for domestic and export requirements.​

Stay Compliant

Liability avoidance with complete virtual 3D validations.​

Stay Accurate

Quantified 3D vision results based on SAE recommendation and anthropometric VR. ​

Stay Competitive

Go to market faster with rapid benchmarking studies.

Stay Innovative

Continuously surprise and delight consumers with safer vehicle designs.

Stay Nimble

Complete complex, iterative, real-time visualization, criteria rapidly while under pressure and with limited resources.​

It's All About the View

Ocular3D is a full integration of formulas, algorithms, databases, and interactive interfaces that capture and report accurate vision studies. Through desktop and virtual reality experiences, Ocular3D gets team members of any skill level up and running in seconds.

Robust Visualization Calculations

  • All right, left, and cyclopean eye renders display on a plurality of viewing area
  • Monocular and binocular field of view calculations and criteria
  • The vehicle can be selected as an automotive or aerospace vehicle, and more
  • Physical environment can be selected as a vehicle, a building, a field, and more
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