Daylight Opening (DLO) and Pillar (A,B,C,D) Analysis

Ocular3D Data Allows Engineers to Continuously Calculate a Safe Balance Between Maximum Daylight Openings (DLO) and Structurally Sound Pillar Configurations (A,B,C,D).

Ensure compliance of spherical (binocular, monocular, and ambinocular) visibility as required throughout the cockpit.

Current Analysis Methods

Daylight opening (DLO) obscuration is determined by a complex mix of pillar openings, minus black out, overhead systems, belt lines, A line, C line, etc. Manual methods cross-referencing multiple factors fall short on safety because of their inability to maintain sufficient outward visibility.


Ocular3D Analysis Advantage

Ocular3D calculates maximum visibility for a vehicle’s entire greenhouse.

This Visualization Analysis™ quantifies visibility to pinpoint and understand how obstructions are caused by excessive pillar sizes, black outs, mirror obstructions, seat backs, head restraints, overhead systems, and outward global visibility angle limits.

Ocular3D automates compliance with OEM criteria targets with 3D visualization methods and real quantitative data.

Ocular3D Daylight Opening DLO and Pillar Analysis Figure 1

Necessary Guidelines
Ocular3D Meets

Ocular3D assures compliance with the following analyses and guidelines:

  • SAE J941: Motor Vehicles Drivers’ Eye Locations
  • SAE J1050: Describing and Measuring Driver’s Field of View
  • SAE J198: Windshield Wiper Systems
  • SAE J942: Passenger Car Windshield Washer Systems
  • SAE J382: Windshield Defrosting Systems
  • SAE J903c: Passenger Car Windshield Wiper Systems

For OEMs, the Benefits of Using Ocular3D for Daylight Opening (DLO) and Pillar (A,B,C,D) Analysis are Clear

  • Spherical validation tools calculate virtual visualization outside the vehicle
  • Visualization Analysis™ automated to calculate the entire greenhouse (cockpit) of any vehicle
  • Complies and validates SAE recommended best practices
  • Develops and maintains OEM best practices
  • Builds an archive of math-based reports for litigation hold

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