Competitive Vehicle Benchmarking - Machine Learning Clinics

The future of human factor clinical study is real-time data collection combined with machine learning

Advanced analysis calculations with Ocular3D provide OEMs with accurate, high-fidelity optimization.

Current Analysis Methods

Manual data collection techniques should be a thing of the past. They are slow, imprecise, and the data is outdated by the time they are completed.


Ocular3D Analysis Advantage

Ocular3D physics-based algorithms use machine learning to accurately calculate three-dimensional data collections. This data gives OEMs the power to exceed compliance targets, enhance customer satisfaction (JD Power Scores), increase driver performance, and improve driver safety accommodations.

Ocular3D is the only intuitive software to develop OEM best practices for human factor clinical studies.

For OEMs, the Benefits of Using Ocular3D for Competitive Vehicle Benchmarking - Machine Learning Clinics are Clear

  • Analyze product design, evaluate customer satisfaction, and meet compliance measures all with one tool
  • Compile a range of test subjects as data inputs, regardless of gender or anthropometric range measures
  • Produce innovative product optimization with data-driven recommendations
  • Real-time visualization studies allow leadership to make real-time, cost-based decisions
  • Human factor clinical studies performed with speed and efficiency like never before

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