360º Real-World Immersive Environments

Ocular3D 360º immersive environments for safety you can see

360º immersive environments provide designers a contextualized view of the users’ experiences through mathematically accurate, real-world Visualization Analysis™ (VA).

Current Analysis Methods

360º immersive environments only exist in multi-million dollar entertainment based applications. These are out of reach for most designers using CAD/CAE-based applications.


Ocular3D Analysis Advantage

Ocular3D has evolved AR and VR gaming technology into a powerful CAE Visualization Analysis™ platform with quantifiable accuracy and unimaginable speed.

For OEMs, the Benefits of Using Ocular3D for 360º Real-World Immersive Environments are Clear

  • Designers can contextualize exactly what a driver will experience in the real world even when the program is in the virtual design phase (prior to physical prototyping)
  • Visualization Analysis™ early and often, analyzing every part of the design cycle and avoiding many potential safety and design issues
  • Current manual CAE methods become immersive with automatic math-based 3D validations
  • 360º Visualization Analysis™ allows leadership to make real-time, cost-based decisions
  • Familiar 3D navigation controls similar to CAD and gaming get team members of any skill level seamlessly up and running in seconds

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