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We have proven to multiple T1 automotive companies that Ocular3D is integral to accurate and efficient vision analysis. We'd like to do the same for your team. With our 45-day free validation trial we'll do all the heavy lifting; all you have to do is see things differently.

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Ocular3D software enables users to view and isolate areas of interest, define criteria, run studies, and create and download reports. And it's so intuitive, team members of any skill level are up and running in seconds. Trial features include:

  • Base Visualization Platform (VR & Desktop) and Vision Solver 3D Criteria Extractor
  • Forward Vision Analysis Module for SAE/ECE Global Vision Analysis
Ocular3D 45 Day Validation Trial - Driving Vision Study Efficiency and Accuracy
Ocular3D 45 Day Validation Trial

We Set Expectations and Then Accelerate Past Them

  • We clearly define your specific validation success criteria for the trial and run discovery outlining your current workflow state.
  • Ocular3D personally onboards your hand-picked designers and engineers through our quick 5-step process where we:
    • Determine user needs
    • Issue trial licenses
    • Install software
    • Conduct a train-the-trainer session
    • Provide ongoing virtual support for help and questions
  • During the trial, we will conduct three feedback sessions (at 15, 30, 45 days) with the trial users.
  • Ocular3D will map your current state against your trial state to prove ROI and deliver a table of features scored and tested for specific use cases.

Our Validation Trial Helps Us Outline Custom Business Cases for OEMs, Further Defining The Benefits of Faster and More Accurate Compliance Analysis Capabilities for Design and Engineering Teams.

  • Eliminates current manual, labor intensive, high-cost CAD methods which only result in low accuracy analysis results.
  • With use, Ocular3D's Machine Learning tool learns your clinical data sets and provides optimized design recommendations and process validation, drastically speeding up your design cycle.
  • Demonstrate and illustrate proof of compliance for items captured in the Federal Registry (i.e. FMVSS101).
  • Exceed specific regulatory compliance certifications to experience fewer certification withdrawals.
  • Proof of compliance to provide clear, data-based litigation avoidances.
  • Enhance OEM best practices with fast and accurate design cycles, eliminating unnecessary production costs.

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Terms & Conditions
  • Trial conducted under full agreement to the confidentiality and end user license agreement
  • Participation in the validation trial accepts users agreement to the Terms and Privacy Policy outlined on the website
  • Users agree to not share any details or proprietary information relating to Ocular3D's patented technology with any outside sources or competitors
  • Use of trial software is limited to 45-days and within the U.S. only