Global Vision Analysis

Sky’s the limit. 360° Visualization AnalysisTM from any orientation, inside or outside of the vehicle.

Review and analyze spherical orientation of field of view at EVERY point in the design cycle.

Current Analysis Methods

Global-vision analyses (360° field of view) are complex and time consuming. When these analyses are not performed the safety and quality of the vehicle is significantly impacted.


Ocular3D Analysis Advantage

Ocular3D’s Vision Solver™ uses machine learning (ML) algorithms to analyze the 3D geometry of the entire vehicle, inside and out. It uses proprietary methods to mimic any combination of vision variables, allowing designers and engineers to pinpoint all obscurations and quickly make iterative design edits.

Verify global-vision in minutes, not days, with Ocular3D Visualization Analysis™

Ocular3D Global Vision Analysis Figure 1

Necessary Guidelines
Ocular3D Meets

The power of global vision with math-based quantifications (including steradians, square degrees, and spherical area percent) gives you the ability to analyze, study, and validate:

  • Total greenhouse analysis with:
    • Pillar (A,B,C,D) obscuration
    • Daylight openings (DLO)
  • Real-world immersive simulations
  • Ease of serviceablility
    • Engine compartment design
    • Underbody design
  • Spherical outward analysis
  • Outward angular grids
  • Lean and rotate analysis and more...

For OEMs the Benefits of Ocular3D are Clear

  • No more manual CAD techniques with lines and curves.
  • Fast, quantifiable and compliant iterative capabilities help you head off design issues in real time.
  • Design cycles no longer experience multi-day delays.
  • The ability to actually see the effects of obstruction allows designers and engineers to better understand them, improving their processes and depth of knowledge.
  • Verifying vehicle safety with new capabilities, inside and outside the vehicle. Real-time VR design review meetings with accurate views.
  • Accelerating clinical data gathering capabilities into the digital world.

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